TRUSCEND Fishing Lures Crankbait, All Water Layers Series, Suspending/Slow Sinking/ Floating/ Sinking or Lipless Crankbaits for Bass Fishing, Lifelike Shad/Mouse/Duck Crank Baits Lures

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  • TRUSCEND Newest Jointed Crankbait - This crank bait considered by many to be the best running glide baits, the all-purpose crankbait is equally effective whether cast or trolled. The swimbait is crafted with super durable dual stainless steel hinged joint connection, lightweight and durable plastic body construction enhance the action.
  • Surf Suspending Swimmer - The TRUSCEND jointed swimmer can suspending on strike zone just like the real thing, it is just too much for even the wariest fish to resist. It features a large diving lip that helps them dive quickly, this jointed...

    User reviews

    These are decent luers. My only issue is 1 of the little luers is missing. I only bought these for the bright green 1 and of course that's the 1 not in the pack. Seller came thru and sent extras. I was unaware the little luers are randomly put in kits. I misread the fine print. Regardless seller did their best to rectify the situation and I ended with a few extra luers for my box. I'll grab more when I need em good seller.
    Works great. Extremely life-like. Great action. Works well for strippers!
    One of the larger fish in the pack works great. The other just tilted over at a 45 degree angle and looked like a toddler being lifelessly dragged through a store by a fed up momma. I didnt even bother trying the small crankbaits. For a 5 pack its not a bad deal, but when it becomes the price of a single lure, its not as great of a deal. I took the hooks and any dangerous items off the larger one that doesnt swim and gave it to my nephew to play with. At least someone can get some joy from it. Maybe your luck will be better than mine, but be ready to try them out and return non-functioning ones

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