PLUSINNO Fishing Reel, 5.7:1 High Speed Spinning Reel,9 +1BB, Premium Drag System with17-22 LB Max Drag, Ultra Smooth Powerful, Lightweight Graphite Frame, CNC Aluminum Spool for Saltwater Freshwater

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  • POWERFUL DRAG SYSTEM - Plusinno spinning reel features a waterproof drag system to prevent snapped lines and help you battle big bass, and the machined aluminum handle comes with an EVA grip so that your hand will never slip off while reeling. Max Drag: SG2000, 15.4lb; SG3000, 19.8lb; SG4000, 19.8lb.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STRONG - The body, rotor, and spider plate are made from aluminum. Each model features a sealed drag system and 9+1 silky-smooth, stainless-steel ball bearings. Our spinning reel will help you avoid fatigue while fishing all day long.
  • SMOOTH PERFORMANCE - PLUSINNNO Fishing Reels are equipped with 9+1 ball bearings, quick-set, anti-reverse roller bearing, machine-cut brass pinion gear, precision elliptical gearing system and superior line control system all combine to give you a top-of-the-line reel at an average price.

    User reviews

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  If you want a starter or budget spinning reel, this is an excellent choice. The reel comes in a nice box and includes a pouch for storing or traveling. It feels good in the hand and is fairly smooth and quiet. I plan to use it mostly in freshwater and occasionally for some light inshore saltwater fishing. Only time will tell how well it holds up long term but for the price point you're getting a good looking spinning reel that will catch fish and still be easy on the wallet.
    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I just purchased this reel and got it in the mail today. I was super excited to get line on the reel (using PLUSINNO's line spooler too!) and man it is smooth! I was able to get an 8lb mono line on the reel in minutes and am very excited to get it on my rod to catch some fish! It was a breeze to switch the handle from left-hand reel to right-hand reel and has a nice soft travel bag included in the box. The drag has a nice satisfying sound too it, and one good turn will bring it in a few times.
    I got this reel to replace an older reel I had. These are my thoughts below.LikesI like the lookIt reels really smoothDrag is very niceHaven't had a problem with line tangling or twistingQuirkI noticed at a certain spot I couldn't flip the bell back to be able to cast.. This is very new to me and never had the issue before on my other reels. I know this is just something I will get used to. Just have to move it clockwise a little more. You will see a picture of what I am talking about the bell not opening for me.WishI wish they would change the way the bell flips when spinning after it is cast. it is a little harder to flip the bell with just by springing the handle. This could be that it is new and needs to be broken in.I would recommend this reel, especially for the cost and feel. I don't know about durability yet haven't had it long. I love the reel bag it came in. You do get a nice diagram of how the reel is put together.

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